All Natural Shaving Soap.Barber Shoppe has a surprisingly old fashion scent with a little refreshing smell.

Ingredients: coconut, oliveoil, water, sodiumhydroxide, emu oil, kaolin, bentonite clay, essential oils, fragrances, Sustainable Palm Oil, castor oil

Barber Shoppe Shave Soap & After Shave refill

  • All Natural Shaving Soap.Bay Rum has a surprisingly delicate fragrance with a little spice that comes together in this shaving soap. Emu oil has been added for its soothing and emollient nature. Bentonite and white kaolin clay was added for the razor slip. All orders are handmade in small batches in shop. Shave oil 1 ounce Emu oil is beneficial in healing cuts and abrasions, and is also believed to have anti-aging properties. Long lasting bar. Fragrances available: Amber Amber Light Musk Armani Barber Shoppe Bay Rum Drakkar Noir Dolce & Gabbana Pomegranate Bendel Swiss Army Twilight Woods Listing is for one bar Bar size 5.00 ounce